How to know your size?

Choisir sa taille de Bague avec notre baguier

First of all, print the ring sizer above by clicking on the display. then:

1) Check that the witness 10 cm 10 cm well on your sheet of paper.

2) Place a ring that hopefully you (an alliance for example) on the sheet of paper.

3) When the inner diameter of your ring exactly coincides with the inner diameter of a ring on the paper, you have found the size of your finger.

You also can measure with calipers inside diameter of a ring that fits you well. The equity you know immediately what your finger size.

Note that Ysora offers the first size upgrade for free under conditions. Customer Service is at your disposal to answer your questions, advise and assist you in your choice (via our contact form or 05 56 24 04 48.

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