All About Diamonds

Diamond raises fascination, envy and wonder. It represents love, purity, peace and eternity.
For you, buying a diamond, it is both an act full of significance for you and the person you are going to offer, and an investment. Do not bother to go wrong in your choice, let alone buy a diamond "blind".

Ysora offers to guide you in your purchases and help you discover the diamond universe.
Diamond Buying Guide: How to choose an engagement ring, alliance ...
Diamond lexicon: to better understand the vocabulary associated with diamonds
Where does this fascination and since when diamonds are they so coveted? Where are we located, how they are cut, and how to know the value of a diamond?

Ysora answers all these questions and invites you to take knowledge of the important characteristics of diamonds. Objective: To allow you to choose only the diamond you want to offer and the most suitable mount.
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Rough diamond in the gemstone and diamond through history
The four criteria (4C) of diamonds: size (cut), color (color), purity (clarity), weight (carat weight)
The certification of diamonds contained a diamond certificate, where to get it, etc.

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