Diamond Glossary

Here you will find the most common terms used in the diamond universe. With this vocabulary you can familiarize yourself with the usual vocabulary of diamond and better choose and buy your diamonds.

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The measure for the weight of a diamond (see our section on the diamond weight)

Certificate of a diamond

ID card unique to each diamond that lists all the characteristics of the diamond. (See our section on the certification of diamonds)

4C of a diamond

This is actually 4 characteristics of a diamond which determine its properties and thus its value. Are commonly used this expression with respect to the English translation of the characteristics of a diamond: color (Color), size (Cut), purity (Clarity) and carat weight (Carat).

Diamond mount

Cut diamond ready to be mounted, also called diamond on paper.

Diamond paper

Cut diamond ready to be mounted.

cut diamond

To distinguish a raw diamond, cut diamond is a diamond that has been worked and takes a shape (size) special. (See our section on diamond size)

Rough diamond

This is a diamond that as the name suggests was extracted from the ground without being worked.

Fluorescence of a diamond

The fluorescence of a diamond from the reaction between the light energy and the carbon of the diamond. This fluorescence is usually blue and visible to the naked eye. this property is tested by exposing the diamond to ultraviolet (dark diamond is not fluorescent). There are different levels of fluorescence for a Diamond diamonds having no fluorescence ( "none") to diamonds having a fluorescence which will be qualified as "strong" ( "very strong"). More the fluorescence of a diamond, the greater the diamond is blue.

Inclusions a diamond

Defects / imperfections of a diamond (see our section on the certification of diamonds)

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